The mood of the Oeste #1

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The mood of the Oeste is a series of blog entries where I share some of the photos I shoot in the regiao Oeste, in central Portugal. When I’m in Portugal I’m based here, and I’ve been coming to this region many times, both for long and short stays, during the last few years. When I’m around in the Oeste I tend to photograph landscapes more than people. If people appear in the pictures they’re normally there to provide some sense of scale and space. A visual element I like about the Oeste is its light, often tentative, moody like its weather, sometimes enhanced by the mist that forms early in the morning or late in the afternoon.















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  1. The Mood of the Oeste – some nice shots Emanuele, I know the area well. Is the cafe in Peniche?
    I plan to visit the area again in March to take the last few shots for a book I’m producing about Portugal – it’s a great country to explore.

  2. Thanks for sharing these foto’s, I love this part of Portugal Santa Cruz. We go there for many years because the family of my husband lives in that area. I really love your pictures, what you show is exactly how it looks like. Beautiful!

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